General information of Taicang

Taicang is a famous city in regions south of the Yangtze River, possessing more than 4500 years history of civilization. In the Spring and Autumn period, the king of Wu kingdom set up granary here, named Taicang, which always had the reputation of golden Taicang in the beautiful Jiangnan. Its geographic position locates in the most active triangular core area with the most developed economy in China, about 50km to the urban area of Shanghai. Taicang was the starting point for the seven voyages to the West by Zheng He, a famous voyager. It possesses Taicang Port which is the biggest port for containers along the Yangtze River. The best manufacturing of China is in Suzhou and the best manufacturing of Suzhou is in Taicang. It has now gathered more than 260 German enterprises and is the city with most German enterprises in China. Enterprises include: SCHAEFFLER, SIMENS, FISHER, EMAG, KERN- LIEBERS, FEINTOOL, VOLLMER and other famous enterprises in the world.

Company introduction

Possessing years of experiences on R&D and manufacturing in professional telescopic fork projects; ensuring the application of telescopic forks in various occasions. We possess 8 years of experiences on prevision instrument, equipment manufacturing, 5 years of experiences on professional telescopic fork manufacturing and have guided the R&D and manufacturing of various large telescopic fork products, e.g.: Samsung semi-conductor ultra-clean indoor handling line project, JD intelligent warehousing telescopic fork project, EMU station warehousing project of the Ministry of Railways in Beijing, logistics telescopic fork project of Cainiao Network. APES FORK is a high quality core team led by leading character in Gusu of Jiangsu, ensuring the front-end R&D of telescopic forks. APES FORK company is a new high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu, possessing 1 doctor, 2 masters and 18 bachelors. Its founder has been honored leading talent in Gusu, innovative and entrepreneurial talent and so on.

It designs, researches and manufactures three main-stream telescopic forks in the market: single-extension telescopic fork, double-extension telescopic fork and special application telescopic fork, as well as supplies relevant accessories for transmission parts, position control system, coder, torque limiter, gear motor and so on, For heavy duty double-extension telescopic fork products, it is the only domestic enterprise capable of independent design and production

Designed, autonomously manufactured and assembled by international R&D team  Possessing the ability for whole-process control production and manufacturing chain  Designed by international R&D team; possessing 10 patents for inventions, wherein the heavy duty double-extension fork autonomous researched and developed has fill up the blank of production by domestic enterprises, of which the product specifications, performance and actual application have all reached international advanced level. 100% autonomous component manufacturing: we produce each part autonomously; we possess 21 perfect CNC devices for component production, allowing us to control the quality of the whole production and manufacturing chain, control and evaluate each detail of products, so as to ensure that the quality of products delivered by us is higher than that of other enterprises in China with delivery time under precious control. 100% autonomous assembly: we possess 8 semi-automation assembly lines with monthly telescopic fork assembly capacity reaching up to 150 units

APES FORK - An enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing of telescopic forks

APES FORK - The first enterprise specialized in manufacturing of high quality telescopic forks in China

Designed, autonomously manufactured and assembled by international R&D team  Possessing the ability for whole-process control production and manufacturing chain