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Logistics telescopic fork project of Cainiao Network

  • Customer introduction:

    Cainiao Network Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen on May 28, 2013 jointly by Alibaba Group, Yintai Group United with Fosun Group, FORCHN Group, STO Group, YTO Group, ZTO Group, YUNDA Group and so on with Ma Yun being the president. It is an innovative Internet technology enterprise. The Company is committed to building a data-driven, socially collaborative logistics and supply chain platform, that is, an open, shared and socialized logistics infrastructure platform based on the existing logistics business types. It opens a full network logistics link covering cross-border, expressage, warehousing and distribution, rural and end distribution.


  • Customer demands:


Its warehouses adopted European standard pallets, requiring single-extension standard forks which should be delivered within one month.


  • APES FORK telescopic fork solution:


The delivery time of ordinary suppliers was 2-3 months. APES FORK adopted lean production system and took use of Gantt chart to control manufacturing time node of each part. Since all parts were manufactured internally, APES FORK took only 25 days from design to production to assembly and test, and delivered within the promised delivery time.

  • Adopt Macaque series telescopic fork MC65: