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Heavy duty telescopic fork for steel rods handling of POSCO Limited

  • Customer introduction:



Pohang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., in short POSCO, was established in 1968. It is one of the biggest steelmakers, supplying more than 26 million tons of iron and steel products to users in more than sixty countries all over the world. POSCO produces various advanced iron and steel products, including hot rolled steel coils, steel plates, steel strips, cold rolled steel plates, conductive steel sheets and stainless steel products, etc., and is assessed the world's most competitive steelmaker by Morgan Stanley Investment Bank in US.


  • Customer demands:



6m-long bundles of round steel bars, weighing 6 tons per bundle, require telescopic forks to enter and exit the heavy duty high tracks, as well as to realize automatic unmanned access operation. Four-fork linkage is adopted to handle 6t round steel bars by single operation.


  • APES FORK telescopic fork solution:



Single bundle of goods in weight of 6t and length of 6m: with the consideration on the property of round shape of round bars, the design shall be specialized for extra-long heavy goods clamping. Four heavy duty MC110s are adopted in parallel with single motor driving. Its span is 4m, one-way stroke is 1.45m, two-way stroke is 2.9m, load is 6t and full-load deflection is 15mm. The upper fork surface is widened and coated with 10mm thick special non-slip rubber. APES FORK completed the delivery of telescopic fork from design, production to assembly in 2 months.

  • Adopt Macaque series telescopic fork MC110: